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Sensitivity  Testing

Foods can be your biggest enemy, or your best friend.  Our greatest task in a day is digesting the food you eat.  Eighty percent of our energy goes towards digesting our food.  As the years increase our bodies ability to digest the food is in rapid decline.

Machine used in the sensitivity testing the RM10S manufactured by the German Med-Tronic Company.  It is an registered medical testing equipment under German and European law.

Testing is non-invasive and does not take blood, scratch the skin surface or inject anything into the system.  Electrode is held in one hand which is connected to the testing unit. The probe is placed on an acupuncture point on a finger on the other hand this creates a circuit within the machine.

What can be tested for sensitivity?

  • 116 foods and drinks 

  • 14 vitamins

  • 23 minerals

  • 17 Airborne’s. Including:- Bacteria, Dust, Hair, Mould, Pollen


If necessary supplements will be recommended.  Plenty of information is given on the day for alternative foods, where sensitivities are shown.

Sometimes even the smallest of changes to the diet can make a vast improvement to the diet.

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