Naturopathy is the usage of natural methods and non-toxic remedies to improve or restore health.

Naturopathic Medicine is holistic care. It connects the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body to find the root cause of disease and its symptoms and treat them using natural and safe methods such as botanical / herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, dietary and lifestyle modifications, vitamin / mineral supplements among others tools.

Principles of Naturopathy


Naturopathy is based on principles and employs various therapies and diagnostic tools:

  1. The Healing Power of Nature.  The body can heal itself, given the right condition and treatment. There is a ‘Vital Force’ which is stimulated to promote health.

  2. Treat the Cause, not a symptom.  Identify the underlying cause of illness rather than eliminating (suppressing) symptoms.

  3. Treat the Whole Person.  Recognise a patient’s individuality by taking into account individual physical, mental, genetic, environmental, social, and other factors.

  4. Prevention is preferable to cure.  Prevention is preferable to cure in order to keep the Vital Force at all times at its optimum.

  5. Education.  The Naturopath educates his patients by bringing a better understanding of health, how to maintain it and how to avoid getting sick. This way the patient can take responsibility for himself.

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