Elaine Elliott

My name is Elaine Elliott and I am a qualified FHT accredited Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner for recovery of chronic exhaustive conditions, an ILM accredited Wellbeing Coach, an AAMET accredited EFT Practitioner and a Reiki Practitioner.

I have a comprehensive understanding of the triggers, phases and progression of these complicated chronic exhaustive disorders, having experienced the utter debilitation myself, which led me to achieve my qualifications.  I am now fully recovered and my aim and passion is to help others regain and maintain their health.

As a Specialist Practitioner, I lead and tailor individual recovery and preventative plans, supporting my clients through their endless physical symptoms and challenges that present from these debilitating conditions. Addressing the essential elements required for their journey to recovery through the six stages.  The key to recovery is to identify the underlying causes. 

I am proud to be part of a team who attending the Department of Health in London, presenting our work to the NHS England Commissioner for Domain 2 Services: Enhancing quality of life for people with long-term health conditions.

I offer a free Health Appraisal Form and 30 minute telephone call.

Following an assessment of your symptoms and history I will be able to tell you where you are in the six phases of recovery and tailor a holistic, long-term well-being plan to interrupt the domino effect of symptoms and address the key elements required for recovery. Using symptoms impact questionnaires I can measure your progress.

I can explain;

  • Why your muscles and joints ache

  • Why bad days invariably follow the good

  • Why you must always treat your adrenal glands before addressing your thyroid

  • Why you feel so desperately ill, lack memory, concentration, feel fuzzy headed, dizzy or faint

  • Why it is so difficult to sleep despite feeling so tired

  • Why your hands and feet feel cold

And much more..


I also offer standalone appointments for:

  • Wellbeing Coaching which is goal orientated personal or professional development.

  • Reiki treatments which are for pain management, stress reduction and relaxation.

  • EFT which are Emotional Freedom Techniques used to reduce and eliminate physical and emotional issues. 


Feel free to visit my website for further information, I look forward to hearing from you.  





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FHT accredited Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner & Professional Member

ILM Accredited Wellbeing Coach & ILM Professional Member

AAMET Accredited EFT Practitioner & AAMET International Member

Reiki Practitioner & UK Reiki Federation Professional Member

Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insured

0742 909 1885


J.G, County Durham

Life was not good.  I was suffering with fatigue, no confidence, I was not in a good place.  You introduced me to Tapping and Reiki.  My life has changed in so many ways, I can’t thank you enough.”

Elizabeth Hayes, Northumberland

I was feeling that I was in a dark hole.  I needed someone like Elaine who guided and encouraged me to see my way out.  With her help and support I now feel life is good and fibromyalgia is not a lifetime condition.

Sara, North Gosforth,

Newcastle upon Tyne.

I found Elaine to be a true expert in her field. Her obvious passion for her work shines through in everything she does. She has helped me so much with her complimentary therapies including “Reiki” and she introduced me to “Tapping”. I cannot recommend her highly enough

S.Ph, Gosforth,

Newcastle upon Tyne

I was holding onto a lot of emotional baggage and this was making me feel very low and down.  Elaine is so approachable and has real empathy.  I felt great after just 1 session of Reiki and she introduced me to EFT.  After a few sessions of each I was able to let all my negatives feelings be released and now feel much more positive and content. Thanks so much Elaine.” 

Sarah, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Working with Elaine was life changing; I made many small changes which led to big improvement to my health and my life.

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