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I started my career in counselling and social work, working with children and families mainly to support and empower, but due to my own mental health needs, triggered by the stressful working environment and some quite significant life events I decided to retrain in Hypnotherapy

Alongside my Hypnotherapy training where I learned about the amazing benefits I also realised that this therapy was helping me significantly with my own mental health symptoms.

I started my own business, Hummingbird Hypnotherapy, in 2017 and seeing the changes and positive results in the people that I work with is what drives me every day. I am always training and learning and trying out new ideas to make hypnotherapy as accessible as possible



BSC Honours Degree in Social Work

AIM award in Hypnotherapy & Counselling

 UK Hypnosis Academy Hypnosis and Kinetic Shift award

Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society





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Sessions available in person or via on line platform Zoom

How Silvia Can Help You


Brides and Grooms stress management so that they enjoy every aspect of their wedding.   work specifically with people getting married looking to reduce stress, improve confidence and eradicate any fears around making speeches or being the centre of attention. 

Trauma - Recovery from trauma and past experiences so that you can live a more fulfilling life

Healthy Lifestyle - Make healthy lifestyle choices effortlessly, so that you can reach your health and fitness goals, improving your confidence and feelings self worth

Fears and Phobia's, PTSD, Stop Smoking, Relaxation

Self Care Pamper Parties, Wedding Packages


See further information on packages and sessions below

Who Silvia Works With

men, women and children (over 16 years of age)

Relaxing in Hammock

Relaxation Session

Lie back, relax and allow yourself to be guided into natural hypnosis, which is extremely beneficial for your hole mental and physical well being

Black and Yellow Spider

Fears & Phobias

Fear of Flying, Spider Phobia, you name it we can help you get rid of these unwanted feelings in as little as one session


Sublime Calm Package

Making a speech or being the centre of attention for the day can be a daunting thought! Don’t let nerves or worry, at any stage of your wedding planning, stop you enjoying each moment, with this stress busting package. Includes one bespoke session for you, using the latest hypnotherapy techniques to eradicate any fears and boost your confidence to the max along with a blissful relaxation session. 

Healthy Food

Bespoke Wellbeing Package

Here we look at all aspects of your life and well being that you would like to improve of change. Whether you want to eat a healthier diet, exercise more, find your confidence or anything that improves your overall well being , this package is for you. 

What our Clients Are Saying

“Hummingbird hypnotherapy is great. This year has been a real eye opener to me and I’ve had a fair share of ups and downs. And after just one session with Silvia I learnt how to release my negative thoughts and think of my surroundings and positive thoughts in such a straightforward way. I'd thoroughly recommend her.”

Woman Holding Cigarette

Stop Smoking

Lie back, relax and allow yourself to be guided into natural hypnosis, which is extremely beneficial for your hole mental and physical well being

Stressed Woman

Targeted Sessions

Eradicate stress, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, depression, and any of the mental and physical symptoms associated with these conditions, using powerful and targeted Hypnotherapy and Kinetic Shift techniques.


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