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John Neal has been providing allergy testing since 1997 and test people of all ages at several locations throughout the North-Easts of England, with a non-invasive test using German RM10S Mora machine  machine.


The test does not take blood, scratch the skin surface, or inject anything into your system

John Neal - Eye on Health

About John Neal

Throughout the years John has tested people of all ages from young babies as young as 3 months old to the more mature up to ninety two years of age, helping people with all types of ailments.

Coming from a heavy engineering background John Neal knew many who did not follow a healthy lifestyle. Non-stop smoking, heavy drinking as little as possible in the way of exercise, and their diet off putting to say the least. Many frequently off work usually self-inflicted.

His own leisure activity was a racing cyclist. Returning home after working overtime, his wife at the time asked why are you late? After giving his reply she said you are never well. This immediately prompted him to research into health much more in attempting to improve his own well-being.

Going to a health trade show in Harrogate he spoke to representatives from Bio-Medscan, who work with Bio- Electronic regulatory medicine using the German RM10S Mora machine for testing food sensitivity, vitamin and mineral shortages. Bio- Medscan is the UK and Eire sole agents for this type of sensitivity testing.


Over a number of years he attended the basic, intermediate, and advanced courses at Bio-Medican headquarters. Now in his 20th year as a sensitivity tester he has built up an excellent reputation with customers. Word of mouth continues to be his main means of finding new customers. As a person only needs to come once it is necessary to find the best way of obtaining new customers.

He has a genuine interest in his own health and passes on his knowledge to those who want to lead a much healthier life style through food choices. Too numerous to mention helped every possible problem the general public has encountered. He up dates his knowledge on a daily basis.



• Anatomy and Physiology

• Nutritional Advice

• Remedial Massage

• Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

• Bio Energetic Regulatory Medicine Allergy Testing

• Bio Energetic Regulatory Medicine Intermediate

• Bio Energetic Regulatory Medicine Advanced

• Mora Super Testing by Med-tronik.

How Can John Help?

Food Be Causing Your Ailments

Sensitivity or intolerance is a disorder of the immune system. After coming into contact with substance it cannot tolerate exaggerated response occurs. Body attempts to eliminate


Taking a non-invasive (where no blood is taken) sensitivity test can prevent many of the symptoms listed below


  • Aches & Pains Fibromyalgia

  • Arthritis Fluid Retention

  • Asthma Headaches

  • Bloating Hives

  • Candida I.B.S.

  • Constipation Migraine

  • Diarrhoea Psoriasis

  • Eczema Skin Problems

  • Fatigue Sinusitis

Common Allergy Symptoms

• Aches and pains

• Fatigue

• Fluid retention

• Headaches

• Irritable bowel

• General skin problems

How it Works

Using the principles of acupuncture medical and dental physician German Helmut Schimmel devised a machine of testing the body's resistance to foods in addition to checking vitamins and mineral shortages, and food sensitivities in the body back in 1984.

The system is know as Bio-Electronic Regulatory Medicine (BER). Works on the theory of utilising the acupuncture pressure points on the fingers to measure resistance in the body to substances (foods, airborne, drinks etc), which can be the route cause of problems in every day life.


Manufactured by German Med-tronic the machine used is the RM10S. During 20 years of practise 3 month old babies to three 92 year old grandmothers have been tested. 


By placing samples of various substances (foods, airborne, drinks, etc) one by one into a special container (honeycomb) connected to the machine, practitioner can determine if the patient has sensitivity to the substance tested. Electrode is held in one hand connected to the machine. Probe is placed on an acupuncture pressure point opposite side of the body this creates a circuit with the machine.

Testing Options & Pricing

Option 1

Food Test Only

This option includes 126 items including 18 e-numbers

Including:- Coffee, Dairy, Fish, Fruit, Grain, Herbs, Meat, Spice, Sugar, Tea, Vegetables

Cost £25.00

Option 2

Airborne Sensitivities

This option includes 27 items


Including:- Bacteria, Dust, Hair, Mould, Pollen

Cost £10.00

Option 3

Vitamins & Minerals

This option includes:- Option 1 - Food Test + Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Including:- Coffee, Dairy, Fish,Grain, Herbs, Meat, Spice, Sugar, Tea, Vegetables

Including:- 14 vitamins, 23 minerals and candida level

Covering the most common food sensitivities and checking vitamin and mineral shortages

Cost £40.00

Option 4

Full Test

This option includes:- Option 1 - Food Test + Option 2 - Airborne Sensitivity Test + Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Including:- Coffee, Dairy, Fish, Grain, Herbs, Meat, Spice, Sugar, Tea, Vegetables

Including:- Bacterial, Dust, Hair, Mould, Pollen

Including:- 14 vitamins, 23 minerals and candida level

Cost £50.00


John Neal has been sensitivity testing for 23 years now and has been providing his services at Medicare Cosmetics for 6 years. John consistently provides a 5* high standard service to all clients

He is a lovely man and often sees both adults and children to give his expert advice about their aliments. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to supplements, diets and which foods are beneficial for certain health problems and which should be avoided if you are sensitive to something.

John has really helped to make a huge difference to a number of peoples lives with his sensitivity and has even saved the day a couple of times when a client's GP has refused to refer them for further testing with allergy specialists in the NHS.

The sensitivity test that John does is non-invasive, which is great, and the results are immediate. We cannot recommend John enough to our clients and always look forward to him coming to our clinic every four weeks

John Neal came to visit me and my family at our home to test us for food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and airborne allergens. From first meeting John from the train, I felt I knew him already. It was a most fun and informative day.

John is a very smart, professional and a mind of information on his areas of expertise and immediately shone a lot of light on health and diet issues my family had ........ and just how to best take care of ourselves.

I have always wanted to give myself this gift and piece of mind. Knowing my family are receiving the health they need for a long and happy life. ....... I would recommend John to anyone in a heart beat...... Thank you  

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