Emma Haslam


Mindfulness Teacher and Facilitator at Settled Minds

Reflecting on her challenges of being a teenager, a Nurse and then a mother of three, fuels Emma’s passion to teach the skills of mindfulness to all ages.

Within all these stages of her life she noticed something was missing in her and other's ability to cope with the stresses and challenges facing them.  This lead Emma to begin her training in Mindfulness and explore what the teachings meant for her personally and professionally.


Emma strongly believes Mindfulness is a skill anyone can learn to help ourselves and others promote and increase positive changes in our physical and psychological well- being.


Enabling skills to cope with the inevitable challenges and stresses life will bring us. Emma is currently working on a research project to complete her MSc in Studies in Mindfulness at Aberdeen University.


Having originally trained as a nurse at Robert Gordons University, her nursing career gave her experience in acute settings such as Coronary Care and Accident and Emergency.


Emma teaches mindfulness to children and adults within schools and the workplace.  She also teaches private 1:1 sessions and courses.  For more information and to discuss your bespoke sessions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Mindfulness Based Sessions In The Workplace

Success and growth for the majority of organisations and businesses depends upon the employee’s capabilities to be cognitive flexible, assertive, effective in decision-making, a team player and happy.


These are the very things that stress and disconnectedness within the work environment impair.

Mindfulness is a skill and is being researched and validated within the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology. 


Each mindfulness-based session explores the theory underpinning mindfulness and introduces practices and tools for use within daily professional life.  The skills developed are used to help efficiently organise the individual’s mindset, behavioural patterns and habits and understand their mind body connection. 


Learning the skills of mindfulness facilitates an increase in individual’s health, resilience abilities and future performance of the companies and institutions as a whole.


Benefits of Mindfulness for Physical and Psychological Well-Being:

  • Reduced stress & anxiety levels.

  • Builds resilience skills.

  • Decreases episodes of burnout and sickness levels.

  • Lowers blood pressure.

  • Improves sleep.

  • Reduces chronic pain.

  • Alleviates gastrointestinal difficulties.

  • Increases happiness.

  • Increases self-esteem and assertiveness.

  • Increases job satisfaction and performance.

  • Boosts working memory.

  • Increases ability to focus.

  • Reduces emotional reactivity.

  • Improves relationships.

  • Increased immune function.

  • Increased awareness.

  • Increased clarity in thinking and perception. 

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