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Helping Women Lose Weight Permanently When They Think Losing Weight Is Just Too Hard

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Dee Smith - Hypnotic-Results

About Dee

Dee is the Founder of Hypnotic-Results providing hypnotherapy and mindset coaching.  She set up her first business The Change Therapy Practice over 12 years ago.  She is fascinated by the Mind and how it controls the body and our results. In short, why we do the things we do or why we don't do the things we ought to!




Neuro Re-patterning - Dr Richard Bandler

EFT - Michael Stevenson

Strategic Intervention Coaching - Mark & Magali Peysha


No one size fits all. Programs are tailored to your exact needs. To discover more and see how I can help you, I offer a 

FREE VALUABLE 30 MIN LIGHTBULB COACHING SESSION to discover why you are not getting the results you want and stay in the same old loop

How Dee Can Help You

With an individually tailored program which is a combination of hypnotherapy, neuroscience techniques and coaching to change your beliefs, habits and behaviours.

You've made a decision to lose weight?

  • Perhaps you never get started and grow frustrated with yourself

  • Or you start lose a little then put it all back on again

  • Maybe you've lost a fair amount of weight but now you are stuck

  • You are sticking to the diet plan but......


If you are not seeing the results you want it is because your mind is not programmed or aligned with your goal.


Dee specialises in mindset and weight-loss



  • One session Kickstart for those who just want to get back on track

  • 1/2 day or Full Day Intensive

  • 4 week lose the lockdown weight program

  • 7-12 week, get to the root cause of weight-loss for permanent results

  • Anxiety Shift Program

  • Stop Smoking in One Session

Who I work with

I can help you if any of these are you:

  • You Yo-Yo Diet

  • You are part of a slimming club but not getting results

  • Want to lose weight but never get started

  • You are stuck

  • You think losing weight is just too hard


“From start to finish Dee was very professional and attentive to my needs.  Showing compassion and understanding throughout our sessions.  I have used other types of therapy in the past but found the sessions with Dee to be the most beneficial.  The methods she uses help me in my day to day life to make me feel more relaxed, positive and confident"

Sam Murphy - Northumberland

“I really enjoyed working with Dee. Her knowledge and experiences was incredibly beneficial to me; she made me feel listened to and I felt at ease knowing that how I was feeling was normal, and that I wasn’t alone. The exercises she gave me were very useful".  

Faye - Newcastle upon Tyne

0797 356 7768

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