Cynthia Sillars

Naturopathy with Kinesiology


“Many health problems go deeper than the physical state of our bodies.


But the body is a good place to start”.

What makes Cynthia’s treatments different?

They are a fusion of science and “a massage & cleanse for the subconscious”.  As someone who is passionate about health, Cynthia realised how many people suffered with poor health for years, never quite getting to the root cause, never quite resolving their problems.  Her vision and mission became simple: to free people trapped by their health issues.


Cynthia’s approach is to use scientific testing to find out what is really going on – the details are so important.  Then, kinesiology will explore the ‘subtle anatomy’ – what we feel is going on.


No ‘one size’ fits all. Putting time into past medical history and the present state of health gives you a whole new perspective on your health and clarity on why you are not well, with solutions on how you can become well again. Plus advice for life, like walking barefoot on the beach, supported by supplements based on science and delivered with love, this is a truly holistic approach to healing. Her values? Honesty, loyalty, happiness!

Some of the most important revelations come from using scientific testing.  These are two of Cynthia’s favourites:


Hair Mineral Analysis for Health and Sports Fitness

  • A simple, painless way to check the body’s mineral levels and toxins

  • Suitable for athletes, everyone, including young children

  • Highlights hidden deficiencies in minerals before they cause serious problems, now recognised as a major cause of failing health in aging.

  • Provides an assessment of whether your body is a fast or slow metaboliser (how your body processes food and converts it to energy

Genova Diagnostics for Microbiology

  • Considered to be the leading test on the gastrointestinal microbe, Genova Diagnostic's G.I Effects Stool Profile covers Infection, inflammation, insufficiency, imbalance and the ‘whole gut diversity’.


Further testing available on gluten sensitivity, histamine levels, immune function and more. Each test can be tailored to your specific requirements


Cynthia Sillars’ educational background began in Kinesiology  (KFRP Registered) moved into Naturopathy (NNA Assoc) as a Consultant Nutrition Coach; developed Neuro Linguistic techniques, (NLP Practitioner), with gentle healing formulas to heal the emotional wounds, (Reiki Master in the tradition of Jin Kei Do, and Applied Phytobiophyics®)

Consultation Fees are £87.00 for 1½ hours. 

Laboratory tests are additional

0759 952 0406




Cynthia has a rare sensory gift, and quickly ascertained the root causes of health problems I was having during University, when many traditional Doctors couldn't work out what was wrong.


Cynthia was incredibly thoughtful and caring, and went above and beyond to really build a holistic picture of me.  She was instrumental in my recovery and I couldn't recommend her more highly.



I have been working with Cynthia for over two years. She helps me optimise my diet and fuelling in order to strengthen and sustain my full on life style. Cynthia really does understand human body chemistry and how, with correct care, to prevent and overcome illness and in my case maximise my health, fitness and strength.


We are all ‘connected’ so her work impacts mind, body and spirit. I really look forward to my sessions with Cynthia, they are a tour de force of maximising my potential and I leave supercharged for the next three months”.

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