Clare Bates

Vestibular Audiologist

CB Hearing & Balance

Clare Bates - Vestibular Audiologist at CB Hearing and Balance

About Clare

Clare is a self-motivated vestibular audiologist with 26 years experience within the field of audiology. She ensures her testing, rehabilitation and advice given is accurate, understandable and helpful


  • BAAT Part I and II 1995

  • Certificate in Audiology 1994-1995

  • BTEC National in Science 1995

  • CBT - Core Principles and Practice Undergraduate Certificate 2010

Pricing: Visit website (see bottom of page)

Registered private care provider for BUPA, Vitality and AVIVA

How Can Clare Help You?


  • If you are mishearing speech, having difficulty hearing when in noisy places or getting into trouble for ignoring people - then you may need an ear exam or hearing assessment

  • Is wax affecting your hearing or causing discomfort? Are you struggling to have it removed?

  • If you have inner ear balance problems and struggle with normal day-to-day activity. This can quickly damage confidence and put your life on hold. Vestibular Rehabilitation could help you get back on track


  • Ear Examination, Hearing Assessment and Ear Protection Advice

  • Ear Wax Removal with Micro-suction

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation and BPPV Treatment

Conditions Treated

  • Build up of ear wax

  • Hearing Loss

  • Inner Ear Dizziness Due to BPPV, Vestibular Migraine, Labyrinthitis, Neuritis, Menieres, PPPD and Vestibular Damage due to Head Injury


Who Clare Works With

Ear Wax Removal -aged 16 and over

Hearing Assessment - aged 4 and over

Inner Ear Dizziness - ages 16 years and over


Anna Wassell

Incredible service from Clare Bates. Professional and reliable. Superb ear wax removal and felt in safe hands. PPE equipment used and a very high standard of service


“Thank you for all your support and care from the start of my illness. Before I had even met you you helped me understand and make sense of how i was feeling. I have gained strength both physically and emotionally with your advice and expert therapy. I think  you are fantastic at your job and go beyond to support. Thank you so much” 

“We were just talking about you and how lucky we are to have found you!   We want to thank you, as always, for all the support, advice, reassurance, kindness and passion that you put into your role” 


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